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The complete production of  our collection is based in the Netherlands. A specialized atelier close to Amsterdam turns all our designs into comfortable and high quality lingerie pieces.  There is a close collaboration between the atelier and Urban Poetry to achieve a fair and sustainable production proces.  

With pride we share the fact that the atelier is run by an awesome team of women. All of them are being payed a fair wage according to the Dutch CAO-guidelines. 


Urban Poetry intimates currently works together with the following manufacturers:


Garment Manufacturer - At Mainland all materials are being transformed into our lingerie pieces.

Händel + Diller

Knitting Manufacturer - These are the experts who develop high quality knitted fabrics from the TENCEL™ fibers.

CharLe Berlin

Bio Elastic Manufacturer - Our organic rubber elastic bands are made here from a combination of organic cotton and natural rubber.


Trims Manufacturer - All strap sliders, closures and press buttons from our collection are selected from Prym.

EE Labels

Sew-in labels Manufacturer - Our sew-in labels are made from organic and produced by EE labels in the Netherlands.

Do you have any questions about our production process? We would love to clear things up for you.