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INSIDES: Get to know founder Bodil Loïs Huisman

In INSIDES we give you an inside look of everything that goes on behind our brand. Kicking off with an introduction of founder Bodil Loïs Huisman (25). After graduating her Master Sustainability in Fashion she had a hard time saying goodbye to her final project. That's why she decided to make it official and in March 2019 Urban Poetry intimates became a reality.

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What is your background? How did you end up starting Urban Poetry?

During high school I discovered my interest in fashion and on my first week at my Fashion Business bachelor I knew it was real love. However, quite quickly I also discovered the ugly side of the industry. After visiting several clothing factories in the Far East I saw the tough working conditions and the bad impact on the environment. This experience was a real eye-opener and I decided to make it my mission to be a part of changing the industry. After two years of working experience in the lingerie industry I moved to Berlin to start a Master Sustainability in Fashion. After this there was no turning back and everything I did started evolving about a sustainable lifestyle.

How did you come up with the name of Urban Poetry?

During my Master graduation project the brand was called Bodil Loïs intimates. Even though others liked this name, I did not want the brand's name to be connected with my own. For some reason I wanted the name to be abstract yet close to my individual vision. Since I learned how to write as a kid, I have been receiving compliments on my handwriting as it is quite old-fashioned and therefor unique nowadays. The past years I started enjoying writing short stories and poetry related to female empowerment and women inspiring women.

What are your main goals for the company? Where do you see Urban Poetry in 2020?

My goal is that Urban Poetry makes a change in the convenient lingerie industry. By conscious and organic material and by setting up a circulair system. Besides this, Urban Poetry focusses on building up a strong community where women get encouraged to be themselves and to inspire one another. In 2020 I wish that our products are available in several concept stores in Western Europe and that Urban Poetry can continue to invest in circular product development.

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