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DIALOGUE: Body talk with Lucie

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Lucie Towndrow (@luciejenbea), a social media manager based in Norwich, inspires with her soft toned looks and all day elegance. We spoke with the slow fashion advocate about selflove and about why she stands for sustainable fashion.

Hi Lucie, thank you for being part of our body talk series. We would like to start by asking: What does your body mean to you? I think I’ve really only started practicing body confidence in the past few years. When I was younger I would compare myself to others pretty badly, wondering why I wasn’t taller or slimmer, but I think with age you start to accept your body for what it is. Mine may not be perfect, but I appreciate it for carrying me through life, and make an effort to be grateful for it by dressing it nicely and feeding myself with good food. 

Appreciation and gratefulness towards your body is a lovely base for self love. What does self love mean to you? I think self love can be interpreted differently for everybody. For me it’s listening to when my body has had enough, and needs to rest. I struggle pretty badly with fatigue, so self love is often saying no to plans, and having an early night. I have to listen to my body and make sure it’s rested or I get ill. Self love for me also involves me spending time doing things I have to make time for - a long luxurious bath or skin routine that I’m usually too tired or busy to do.

Do you have any self love/care tips for our readers? Stop comparing yourself to others and listen to your body are my two main tips. I think if you spend your whole life longing to look or be like somebody else you neglect the great things about yourself, so it’s important to be grateful for your best bits - whether that’s something physical or an aspect of your personality. If you’re having a down day, focus on your favourite thing about yourself and hold onto that feeling. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your friends. They will hype you up, boost your mood and tell you how great you are if you’ve forgotten! That’s what best friends are for.  How would you like to celebrate your body? When I’m having a really body positive day, I like to wear underwear or an outfit that makes me feel good and shows off the bits of my body I feel most confident about! Also - taking a nude photo when you’re feeling good in your own body, so you can look back at it and remind yourself how sexy confidence is!  

On your social media we see that you are advocating for slow fashion. Did you make a transition from a fast fashionista to a slow fashion advocate yourself? Slow fashion was definitely something I became more aware of over time. I’ve always tried to keep myself on a budget with clothes, so shopping at thrift stores was a natural choice because of the low prices. It then became something I consciously tried to move towards - either thrifting or shopping on eBay or Depop, as high street stores are so detrimental to the planet. The fabric many fast-fashion brands use is often polyester or a polyester blend, which is basically just plastic. Now I look at high street stores and the clothes they produce and know I can almost always find the same thing secondhand - so why wouldn’t I buy that instead? There’s no need to buy into fast fashion anymore. Buy secondhand, or buy something from a sustainable brand that you know is high-quality, made of quality materials and will last for years to come.  What materials do you prefer for your garments? Any thoughts on organic materials? I think choosing clothes that are made from materials that will last is really important, and also ones that don’t damage the planet to create. Organic materials such as cotton and linen always feel softer against your skin too, which is so important for underwear! 

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